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Forthcoming Events for other Umpiring Associations

27th Aug 2016 (from Irish HUA)

Pre-season BBQ (19:00) @ Railway Union Hockey Club

27th Aug 2016 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Pre-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing @ Pembroke Hockey Club

22nd Jan 2017 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Mid-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing @ TBC

Recent News Items
27th June 2016
BBQ - Advance Notice (from Irish HUA)

IHUA will be hosting a BBQ at Railway Union Hockey Club on Saturday 27th August 2016 commencing @ 7.00 pm.

This BBQ is open to all IHUA members and we very much hope you will be able to make this pre-season social occasion.

This notice has been issued so that you can make a note in your diary and make any accommodation bookings as required, well in advance.

We will update everyone in due course about the food options and cost (expected to be very reasonable).

14th June 2016
International Test Series (from Irish HUA)

To all the technical officials, judges and TMS users - I would like to thank you all for the massive commitment you gave to Hockey Ireland over the last few weeks - you all embraced using the TMS system and many more of you saw a different side to the game. Without you these matches would just be friendlies, but with you all players who took to the pitch have had there caps recorded. So on behalf of all the players, management, coaches, umpires, Hockey Ireland and especially myself, I would like to say a massiveThank you to all - its easy to do a job like mine, when I have people like yourselves who want to be part of the great journey that is Irish Hockey, Linda Ingram

15th October 2015
National Guidance to Umpires re Temporary Suspended Players (from Irish HUA) ...(with image - click here)

IHUA and the Provincial Umpiring Associations has released this guidance to ensure uniformity and a standard approach to players who receive a temporary suspension during matches. All umpires are asked to comply with the guidance. All clubs will receive the information however it is suggested that for the first few weeks you remind the captains at the start of the game!

24th September 2015
National Umpires Briefing 2015/16 - Amended (from Irish HUA) ...(with image - click here)

The Amended National Umpires Briefing for the coming season is now available. This version contains changes to the EYHL Penalty Corner procedure (players not ready after 40 seconds) and the role of the MTA (Match Technical Assistant. Place the cursor on the information tab and select "Information & Downloads" ( We are currently investigating how to upload video and when we find out, we will update the briefing accordingly.

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