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Forthcoming Events for other Umpiring Associations

24th Mar 2018 (from Irish HUA)

IHUA Executive Committee Meeting (10:30) @ Pembroke Hockey Club (TBC)

8th Sep 2018 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Pre-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:30) @ TBC

3rd Feb 2019 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Mid-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:30) @ TBC

7th Sep 2019 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Pre-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:30) @ TBC

Recent News Items
23rd February 2018
Kate Russell School-girls Tournament - 22 & 23 March 2018 (from Irish HUA) ...(with image - click here)

The prestigious Kate Russell School-girls Tournament will take place at Kilkenny College on 22nd and 23rd March 2018. IHUA will be appointing to this tournament, where there is suitable availability to do so.

Kilkenny College, on 62 acres on the outskirts of the medieval city, is one of Ireland's oldest schools. It was founded in 1538 and former pupils include Jonathan Swift and the philosopher, Bishop George Berkeley.

Umpires expenses including accommodation will be paid by Hockey Ireland as per the agreed travel rates with IHUA (see attached document).

If you are available to umpire and support this important tournament, can you please update your ‘Irish HUA Availability’ on this website ASAP and add any availability restrictions for the two days in the ‘Special Notes’ section.

13th October 2017

ALL Hockey Ireland Cup Competitions now have the following procedure for a DRAWN MATCH: -

There is NO extra time (matches are 35 minutes each way)

Matches will go straight to a SHOOT-OUT Competition to decide the winner (NOT penalty strokes)

IHUA has compiled a guidance document (as attached) which provides all umpires with information on how to run a shoot out competition.

15th August 2017
National 4 Year Umpiring Plan (from Irish HUA) ...(with link - click here)

The Irish Hockey Umpires Association (IHUA) remains seriously concerned about the shortage of qualified umpires and the general acceptance of this ever deepening problem. IHUA has therefore launched its 4 Year Plan, in conjunction with the Provincial Umpire Associations/Working Groups, for umpiring at both national and provincial level and this framework document provides a number of strategies for addressing the current crisis in respect of the recruitment and retention of umpires at all ages.

We recognise the substantial umpiring problems that continue to exist particularly with our provincial umpiring colleagues week to week. It was therefore vital that any national umpiring strategy had the involvement and support of our provincial colleagues and we welcome their contribution to the final product.

The strategic objectives outlined in our 4 Year Plan basically provide us with an essential foundation for moving forward with hope. However, IHUA and the Umpire Associations ...

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